5 Crafts that Can Help Kids Cope with Trauma

Sometimes it can be hard for your teen to find the words to express a difficult emotion. Arts and crafts offer a creative avenue for self-expression that can be healing, but fun at the same time! Here are a few different ideas for crafts your teen can make to improve their wellbeing.

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The traditional art of paper folding, origami, takes precision and patience. Learning this skill will give your teen something to be proud of and boost their self-esteem.

Painting Through Loss

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If your teen is grieving or missing something or someone, encourage them to paint a picture of it. It will help them to remember the loss, but also to gain closure.

Friendship Bracelets

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The accessory that keeps on giving. A friendship bracelet is simple to make and is a great gift for your teen to give to the people in their life. Taking the time to focus and weave this craft together will bring peace of mind, and giving it away will help your teen channel their emotions into something that will positively affect their relationships.

Drawing a Memory

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Have your teen sketch a strong memory of a happy time. They can then pay attention to how much detail they put into certain parts of the picture. Those are probably the elements of the memory that are the most significant to them. Reflecting on this can help them to understand how they are feeling and equip them with better coping techniques.

Vision Board

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Help your teen cast the future in a positive light by encouraging them to bring together images and words that inspire them in a collage. These images can be of people they love or admire, experiences they want to have, places they want to go, goals they want to achieve or just something that soothes them. Put it somewhere they will see it and be motivated by it everyday.

Feature Image: Halfpoint / Shutterstock.com