5 Apps to Help With Teen Stress

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Does your teen struggle with stress from school, peer pressure, extracurriculars or anxiety? Teenagers are often faced with a plethora of challenges as they learn to balance their personal and academic lives. Here are five apps you can encourage your young adult to use to keep organized and stay stress-free.

1. Evernote

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Sometimes a little extra organization goes a long way to help alleviate stress. Evernote is an app that helps your teen to make to-do lists. Its tracker allows users to add photos, audio files or web clippings and can be synced to your computer.

2. iStudiez

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iStudiez is an app that helps students track assignment deadlines, homework and grades.

3. MyHomework

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MyHomework helps students track their school life. Homework, tests, projects, lessons and class schedules can be added to a tracker to help your teen stay on top their to-do list.

4. HabitRPG

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HabitRPG is a habit building, goal setting and productivity app that works like a game. Users can receive in-game rewards and level up for completing tasks and making certain achievements.

5. MindShift

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If your teen struggles with anxiety, MindShift is an app they can try that is designed to help teens cope with anxiety by helping to build skills for identifying steps they can take towards taking charge of it.