5 Activities to Help Dads Bond With Their Son

More than you may realize, you are an extremely important role model for your son. This responsibility is not to be taken lightly, and it’s important that you spend some quality time with your son to strengthen your relationship. If you’re short on ideas for activities the two of you can do together, here are a few to get you started. Don’t forget to take his interests and preferences into consideration and most of all, have fun!

Father Son Playing In Snow - Teen Rehab Photo by popofatticus

1. Turn on a Console

Teenage Boy Playing Video Games - Teen Rehab Photo by dave.see

Many boys love at least one video game, and I bet it’s often hard for you to drag them away from their screen. Instead, try challenging or teaming up with your son in his favorite video game. This can encourage some friendly competition and is a relaxing way for you to have fun together. And, as a bonus, it helps you monitor his screen time and get a sense of the type of games he is playing.

2. Attend a Local Event

Boys Play Baseball - Teen Rehab Photo by Jim Larrison

Some boys love sports, others prefer the arts. Whatever your son is into, try engaging with his interests by attending a local event. Support a community team or check out a local production. This will help your son engage in the community around him while you show that you are paying attention to his own interests.

3. Pass on Your Knowledge

Father Son Playing - Teen Rehab Photo by heymarchetti

One significant way that the two of you can bond is by passing along some of your knowledge. You have so much that you can share! From changing the oil or a tire in your car, to your secret burger patty recipe or how to throw the perfect pitch, there is something you have to offer that your son likely wants to learn. Find out what this is and take the time to share your knowledge with him.

4. Take on a Project

Father Son Shopping - Teen Rehab Photo by TheeErin

Boys often have a lot of energy, but sometimes lack a little focus. Teach your son the art of making a commitment and following through by taking on a big project together. Do you need to build a new shed or some shelves in your garage? Does your son want to learn how to build his own bike? There are many projects the two of you can tackle together, and maybe you’ll both be learning something new along the way. Most importantly, show your son how proud you are of his hard work and dedication along the way.

5. Pitch a Tent

Father Sons Pitching Tent - Teen Rehab Photo by Guy Wann

Exploring the great outdoors, getting your hands dirty and spending time in nature is a great way to bond as father and son. Whether it’s near or far, find a campsite that the two of you can pitch a tent in. This will give you plenty of time to catch up and learn from and about each other.

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