4 Ways to Encourage Your Teen to Make Positive Decisions

You want your teen to make good choices, but you can’t always be with them to ensure they’re making the best decisions. Here are some ways to encourage your teen to make the most positive decisions on their own.

Compare Choices

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When your teen is faced with a choice, teach them to compare their options and consider what the potential outcomes may look like. Have them weigh the pros and cons, and explain to you what they think the best decision is.

Carry Out Decisions

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Your teen has come to the conclusion that they want things a certain way, and the best way for them to determine if they’ve made the right choice is to have them follow through with their decision to the very end. By doing this, they will see whether or not their plan worked and what they may need to do differently next time.

Respect Their Decisions

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Your teen is not always going to make the right decision, nor the one you would have made. However, it’s important for them to live through these mistakes and figure out what works best for them. You never know—their decision might be the right one for them, even though it wouldn’t have worked for you.

Let Them Be Themselves

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Teens will naturally make more positive decisions if they can be who they are. Appreciate and encourage them to explore their natural abilities, talents and interests and to make the decisions that they feel will best help them reach their goals.