4 Habits That Might Be Signs of Anxiety

Actions speak louder than words. As such, paying close attention to your teen’s behavior may be a better indicator of their anxiety levels than trying to pull it out of them during conversation. There are some standard, general habits that people develop when they’re anxious, so keep an eye out for any of the following behaviors in your teen.

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Staying Up Late

Insomnia is a big problem amongst stressed and anxious people. Their head spins with paranoid thoughts and fears and they’re unable to get rest. If your teenager is having difficulty falling asleep, pushing their bedtime, or waking up complaining they were tossing and turning all night, there’s a good chance they’re anxious about something.

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Compulsive Behaviors

People who are anxious will do anything to keep themselves busy, and will be very particular about what they’re doing. A good example of this is cleaning. Anxious people will clean compulsively because it makes them feel productive, keeps them busy, but most specifically, makes them feel in control at a time when they feel lost.

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Anxious people get down on themselves and don’t believe they can accomplish anything. They may express this verbally or it may show in their actions. If your teen is always second-guessing themselves or doubting their abilities, they’re probably anxious.

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If your teen can’t sit still, is biting their nails, shifting in their seat, unable to concentrate or doing some other type of fidgeting, it could be caused by high stress levels. It may just be one of theses quirks that your teen picks up, but pay attention if you’re concerned about their anxiety.

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