4 Healthy Habits for Girls

Teenage girls face a lot of pressure by society, the media and their friends on how they should look, dress. and act in order to fit in, even if it isn’t true to who they are. Here are some tips for staying healthy, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Be Your Own Person

Teenage Girls Hanging Out - Teen Rehab

There are a lot of outside pressures telling us to be a certain way, and it can be easy to give in to the peer pressure, especially if we are trying to fit in. There is nothing more beautiful than your authentic self, so be you. Be happy with the clothes that fit you best and your silly laugh. By being your authentic self, the world will open so many doors for you—more than if you pretend to be someone you’re not.

Exercise and Healthy Eating

Teenage Girl Jogging - Teen Rehab

Eating disorders are very common among young girls, so don’t fall into the trap of starving yourself, being constantly exhausted and taxing your body just to look like the models on TV. Eating regular, nutritious meals will keep you lean, strong and healthy. Don’t forget to exercise, whether you have a regular soccer practice or attend dance classes a few times a week. Moving your body is beneficial to not only your physical body but your mind as well.

Good Company

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Let’s face it—a lot of teen girls can be catty or negative. There’s a lot of pressure to fit in with the cool crowd, but isn’t having a few close friends more rewarding than having a lot of mediocre friends? Take a look at the people who surround you and question if any of them are causing toxic relationships in your life. If so, maybe it’s time to move on to a new crowd that resonates more with where you’re at.

Be Safe

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Safety is very important for young girls, especially as they get older and start going to parties and spending more time away from home. There are lots of safety precautions to take, but it’s worth taking the time to establish a few go-to solutions. Some ideas may include sending a “check-in” text message to your parents, establishing safe walking routes, being aware of your surroundings, knowing basic self defence techniques and being confident and cautious in public places.