4 Early Signs of Suicide

If your teen is living with depression, whether they have been diagnosed with it or not, they might have thoughts of death or suicide. This can be incredibly troubling for both the teen experiencing these thoughts as well as the parent. Here are some warning signs you can look out for.


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If you are concerned that your teen is experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure to seek help immediately.

  1. Frequent conversations about death. If your teen seems preoccupied with death or asks a lot of questions about it, this could be a warning sign of suicide, especially if they express a desire to die. They might also write poems, stories, songs or create art about death.
  2. Making preparations. Some of these might look like giving away prized possessions, making final farewells, making amends with individuals, starting ungrounded disputes, talking about funeral arrangements or looking for weapons. They might also make suggestions about not being around in the future without explanation.
  3. If a teen is more detached from family, friends, school or extracurriculars than usual, then this extreme isolation might be a warning sign of suicide.
  4. Previous suicide attempts. If your teen is exhibiting any of the above symptoms and has attempted suicide in the past, this could be an ongoing warning sign for future a future attempt.

Symptoms of suicide should not be taken lightly. If you suspect your teen of having suicidal thoughts or tendencies, contact a medical professional immediately.

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