3 Natural Sleep Remedies for Your Teen

We all need our sleep. Not only does it help us get through the day ahead of us, but it boosts our mood and our health. Not getting a good night’s sleep can lead to increased feelings of stress, anxiety and a weakened immune system. But what if your teen struggles to get a proper amount of sleep each night? Here are a few natural remedies they can try.

Regulate Sleep Patterns

It may sound simple, but helping your teen regulate their natural circadian sleep rhythm is an important way of ensuring they get an appropriate amount of sleep each night. This is easier said than done for most teens, however. They might want to stay up late with friends, playing video games or finishing homework assignments, but it’s crucial to encourage them to get to bed at a similar hour every night.

Similarly, it’s important that wake up at a similar hour every morning, even on weekends. Sleeping in too much on weekends can create an effect that is almost like jetlag for your teen and can make it difficult to get back into a regular sleep routine. Once their body gets used to it, their sleep patterns will become natural and may not need any other assistance with getting enough sleep.

Create a Good Sleep Environment

Ensuring that your teen has the right environment to sleep in is also a great, natural way to improve their sleep habits. This includes keeping their bedroom at an average temperature – not too warm, having adequate curtains that can block out light, decreasing clutter as much as possible and even making their bedroom a “no screen zone” at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This last one might be the most difficult, but research shows that the light from electronics stimulates the brain in a way that makes it difficult to fall asleep and wind down soon after its use.

teen person sleep bed pillow shadow Image Credit: lauren rushing

Practice Relaxation

One of the primary reasons why your teen might be having troubles sleeping is because they might be carrying stress from their day with them as they attempt to fall asleep. Encouraging them to practice relaxation techniques before going to bed is a great way to calm down their mind. They can avoid activities that are too stimulating right before bed and instead, opt for a hot bath, reading, journaling, listening to soft music or even quiet meditation.

If your teen still struggles with sleep, it might be helpful to seek the help of a medical professional in case there are other issues that need to be considered and dealt with.

Feature Image: Unsplash