15 Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

Wondering what on earth your teen is saying when they use shortcuts or acronyms while texting? While some, like LOL (Laugh Out Loud) are more innocent than others, here are 15 more dangerous acronyms that parents should watch out for.

These days, teens are communicating via text – whether online or over their phones – more and more. Often, shortcuts or acronyms are codes that teens use to get a message across, sometimes in a discreet way. Here are 15 that you, as a parent, should watch out for.

Sexual Acronyms

Many of the acronyms your teen might use can be sexual. Here are five ones you might see in use: GNOC – Get Naked On Camera;  IWSN – I Want Sex Now;  **GYPO **- Get Your Pants Off;  **8** – Oral Sex;  ASL – Age/Sex/Location.

Secrecy Acronyms

Other shortcuts or acronyms could be used by teens simply to tell the person they are communicating with that you are around. When these are used, it could be because your teen is engaging in some inappropriate or dangerous communication. Five of these texting shortcuts that you should look out for include: **9** – Parent Watching;  CD9 – Code 9/Parent is Around;  99 – Parent is Gone;  KPC – Keeping Parents Clueless;  MOS/POS – Mom Over Shoulder/Parent Over Shoulder.

Drug- and Alcohol-Related Acronyms

Other acronyms might be drug, alcohol or party-related. These are good to be aware of in case your teen is involved in these sorts of risky behaviors. DOC – Drug of Choice;  Faded – High;  CID – Acid;  420 – Marijuana;  1174 – Party Meeting Location.