What to Expect at Rehab

Substance abuse treatment programs will differ depending on the type of treatment the patient is seeking, but there are similar aspects to treatment programs that can be expected.

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A patient will go through a detox period at the beginning of their treatment process. Detoxing removes all the toxins from the body, including drugs and alcohol.Pint of Beer - Teen Rehab Photo by Maya83

Making a plan

Once detoxing is complete and a person has entered the treatment program, doctors and counsellors will work with them to create an individualized plan to best suit their treatment needs.Checklist Plan - Teen Rehab Photo by mt 23

Focusing on yourself

Treatment will focus on the patient as a whole person, and not just on the addiction. The goal is to improve the patient’s overall wellness and address any other areas of need in their life, including school, family and physical health.Walking Beach at Sunset - Teen Rehab Photo by Damian Gadal

Creating support networks

A patient’s family and community will play a role in treatment, which will include improving family relationships through better communication and supportive behaviours.

Creating Support Networks - Teen Rehab

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Targeting mental health disorders

Teenagers who have substance abuse problems commonly have mental illnesses as well, which will be targeted and treated as part of rehab.Dart Board Bullseye - Teen Rehab Photo by emiliokuffer

Discussing sensitive issues

A patient will be required to talk about sensitive issues from their past (and present), including physical abuse, sexual abuse or other trauma, all of which are common among teenagers with addictions.Girl Looking in Rearview Mirror - Teen Rehab Photo by F. C. Photography

Taking your time

Rehab is not something to rush through, so be prepared to spend months in a treatment program. The recovery journey does not end as soon as treatment is done, either—it’s a lifelong process that requires care and attention.
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