What Happens After Rehab?

After a person leaves a residential treatment unit, it will take some time for them to readjust back into regular life, and one without drugs or alcohol. Recovery isn’t finished when a person leaves treatment—it is an ongoing part of life they will need to adapt to.

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Continuing counseling after treatment is a good way to stay on track and continue to get the support needed for a healthy recovery. There are outpatient treatment options, where those in recover return to a program every day, or personalized counseling options on a less frequent basis.

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Treatment Plan

Creating a plan for success is one way to ensure a person stays on their sobriety path and receives the care they need. A plan can be created with the help of a counselor or family members, who can also keep you accountable to it.

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Medication may be prescribed to help with withdrawal and relapse, however this will depend on the person, their addiction and treatment plan.

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Sober Living Facility

There are housing and care options for people leaving treatment, but who do not feel ready to jump back into regular life just yet. Sober living facilities offer additional care in a sober environment for people who need more time to adjust and feel secure in their recovery path.

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Community groups

Community groups offer a safe place for people recovering from addiction and they provide support for anyone who needs it. Well known community groups include Al Anon and Narcotics Anonymous. However, there are other programs that follow the 12-step program or similar programs.

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