Does My Teen Have an Addictive Personality?

There are several signs to look out for when determining whether your teen has an addictive personality or not. Impulsive behavior, moodiness and sensation-seeking are all things to look out for.

Inability to Control Impulsive Behavior

People with addictive personalities are impulsive and have a hard time controlling their behavior. Impulsive behavior is defined as acting without considering the consequences of your actions.

Teen Jumping - Teen RehabConstant Stress

Constant stress and anxiety comes with an addictive personality. Whether it’s feeling guilty for impulsive behavior, substance abuse or hurting loved ones, addictive personalities come with great stress.

Stressed Teenager - Teen RehabMood Swings

One aspect of an addictive personality is mood swings. Mood swings and negative feelings about oneself are likely to increase when drugs and alcohol are involved.

Moody Teenage Girl - Teen RehabSensation-Seeking

People with addictive personalities seek out activities that are dangerous, adventurous and involve psychoactive drugs that alter the senses and cause a person to experience things they can’t experience sober. Sensation-seekers are more likely to try drugs in general.

Thrill Seeking Teens - Teen RehabPoor Self-Control

Poor self-control is linked with impulsive behavior—a person is unable to control their impulses and will often find themselves in dangerous or less-than-ideal situations.

Impulsive Teen Behavior-Teen-Rehab