5 Tips to Prevent Teen Addiction

Whether you’re a teen or a parent, it is possible to prevent teen addiction. Follow these five tips to keep yourself or your teen away from drugs, alcohol and addiction.

Talk to Your Teen

For parents, talking about the risks of drug use with your teen is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of their going for a test ride. Research recent drug trends in your area. Teaching your teen not only of the hazards, but how to decline an offer is just as important. If you’re a teen, educate yourself on the dangers of drugs, or talk to a parent or teacher to gain their insights and knowledge.

Teenage Girls Walking In Park - Teen RehabReview Your Family History

Addiction runs in families and often skips generations. Do a search into your family history by asking relatives if they know of any family members who have had or do have a substance abuse problem. Family patterns will let you know whether your child is predisposed to addiction, which will help you plan your drug-free discussion.

Trees In The Mist - Teen RehabBe A Role Model

Teens will watch your behavior and often mimic your decisions and actions. If you want your teen to be responsible when it comes to drugs and alcohol, make sure you, as a parent, are doing the same. Be the person you want your child to look up to, because chances are you are their role model and you don’t even know it.

Role Model For Teenagers - Teen RehabEnjoy Life

There are so many wonderful aspects to life, such as spending time with family and going on adventures with friends, that make drugs seem unnecessary. Surround yourself with people who have similar mindsets and find new activities, adventures and possibilities that don’t include having a hit to have fun.

Teenage Girl Jumping Into Lake - Teen RehabTake Responsibility

This is your life, so take responsibility for it. Do the things you love, not the things you think others want you to do. Stand up for what you believe in, whether it’s turning down a drink at a party or joining a school club that advocates for a cause you’re passionate about. Take control of your destiny.

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