Help Your Teen Deal with Peer Pressure

Being a teen is tough enough without having to deal with peer pressure. Here are some ways to help your teen resist temptation and prepare themselves for any stressful situation they might encounter.

Pay them compliments

Boosting someone’s confidence can help improve their self-esteem and battle peer pressure. Compliment them on their strengths and let them no that no one can take those away from them.

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Practice saying no

Work with your teen to create responses to use when someone pressures them to do something. Then when they find themselves in a tough situation, they know exactly what to do.

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Listen to your gut

Tell your teen to listen to their gut. If they’re in a situation that feels wrong, it probably is. Get out.

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Avoid certain situations

There will be more peer pressure in certain places, for example a party, than others, such as dance class. If your teen is nervous, advise them to steer clear of situations where they are more likely to experience peer pressure.

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Support healthy friendships

There’s a lot of pressure put on teens to fit in. But rather than fit in, encourage your teen to hang out with likeminded friends. People who care about them and respect them will be less likely to ask them to do things they’re uncomfortable with.

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Talk to your teen

Talk to your teen about peer pressure and its effects so they know when it’s happening and how to deal with an uncomfortable situation if it arises. Let them know that no matter what, you’re always there to support them should something happen that’s out of their control.

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