4 Tips for Going Through Withdrawal

If you’ve decided to stop using drugs and are overcoming your addiction, withdrawal symptoms are a reality that you might need to face. Withdrawal isn’t easy and its challenges can be a reason why people avoid quitting drugs. However, here are some tricks you can try to relieve possible withdrawal symptoms.

1. Get Support

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If possible, avoid going through withdrawal alone. Talk to someone you know and trust who can be with you while you’re experiencing your symptoms, distract you and call 911 if necessary. If you don’t feel comfortable asking for this from a friend or family member, you can go to a group detox center to experience the worst of your withdrawal symptoms under supervision. Speak to a doctor about options in your area if you decide to go this route.

2. Find Comfort & Distraction

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Making yourself comfortable and planning appropriate distractions is another great way to cope with withdrawal symptoms. Wear loose, comfy clothing and have a couple spare changes of clothes in case you experience excessive sweating. Find activities that are restful and distracting like video games or movies in order to take your mind off of unpleasant feelings.

3. Stay Hydrated

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While going through withdrawal, your body will lose a lot of fluid from sweating and possibly diarrhea. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do while experiencing withdrawal symptoms is to drink a lot of water.

4. Talk to Your Doctor

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Your family doctor or one at a clinic can help you set up a good strategy for handling withdrawal symptoms. They might also recommend taking certain over-the-counter medications to help you cope. For example, they might recommend specific pain killers to help with any aches or a sleep aid to help you rest. No matter what way you decide to cope, reach out to others so that you aren’t experiencing withdrawal on your own.

Feature Image: Mila Supinskaya / Shutterstock