Wisconsin Addiction Treatment for Teens

According to the Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use, 2010, Wisconsin has a high rate of alcohol usage. The rate has exceeded the national average since 2000. Fortunately, binge drinking among Wisconsin teens has declined and the state no longer has the highest rate in the nation. Statistics from 2009 show that alcohol use among Wisconsin high school students has decreased from 49 percent in 2007 to 41 percent, just below the national average of 42 percent.

A study by the Department of Public Instruction revealed that 20 percent of teens in Wisconsin have used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. Although the issue of prescription drugs is still new to some areas across the country, the problem is quickly becoming an epidemic. Community leaders are encouraging parents to take prescription drugs that are outdated or no longer used to community prescription drug drop-off centers. Throwing the drugs away can cause them to fall into the wrong hands and flushing them down the drain can contaminate drinking water.

Benefits of Getting Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Use

If your teen is battling drug or alcohol addiction, getting them the help they need is crucial. Drugs can ruin your teen’s life in Wisconsin in so many ways. They can cause not only health problems, but mental disorders, legal problems and financial problems. Drugs and alcohol can cause someone to fail school, lose a job ,or lose relationships.

Drugs can cause a wide range of health problems, including organ problems, heart attacks, seizures, breathing problems, damage to the central nervous system and high blood pressure. They can also affect a person emotionally, causing mental disorders, paranoia, depression, hallucinations, irritability and mood swings.

Drugs and alcohol can cause people to engage in risky and even illegal behavior. They may have unprotected sex, which can lead to a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy. They may be more prone to violence, which can lead to fights and injuries. They may drive while intoxicated, causing harm not only to themselves but also to others. Those under the influence of drugs or alcohol may resort to theft in order to support their habit.

Getting the right treatment can reduce these behaviors and help the patient lead a clean and sober life. Treatment incorporates many aspects of care. They will work with counselors who will teach them ways to change their behavior. They will learn new skills to deal with cravings and keep drugs out of their life. They will also learn about the effects of drug addiction through education and various therapies.

The drugs will be flushed from the patient’s body via the detox process, allowing them to start a fresh new life. They will receive vitamins and supplements to nourish their body. They will eat a nutritious and balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, fiber and protein. They will also engage in exercise, promoting an overall healthy lifestyle.

Finding a Rehab Facility for Your Wisconsin Teen

Wisconsin is home to more than 120 rehab facilities you can choose from. Although the majority are outpatient services, you can find various short-term and long-term inpatient facilities as well. There are many county programs and community-based recovery options. There are also many family-based programs for teens and their parents. Some facilities offer detoxification and methadone maintenance. Wisconsin also has many dual diagnosis facilities to treat teens with both addictions and mental disorders.

If your teen is battling addiction, they need help as soon as possible. Call us today to help your teen get help. We can put you in touch with the right resources. We understand your teen is an individual and will find a program based on their needs and interests. Let’s get started. Make that call today.


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