Vermont Teen Rehab

VermontUnderage drinking is a problem in Vermont. According to the 2005 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey, more than 70 percent of teens in Vermont find it easy to obtain alcohol. Twenty percent of Vermont teens participate in binge drinking. More than 20 percent of Vermont teens had ridden in a vehicle with a driver who had been drinking. In addition, nearly one-quarter of teens had used substances right before the last time they had sex. Even more shocking, only 25 percent of Vermont teens are aware of the dangers of daily alcohol use.

Benefits of Treatment

If your teen is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, the sooner they get help, the better. Drugs and alcohol can have ravaging effects on one’s body. They can also cause legal and financial problems. Drugs and alcohol also cause risk-taking behavior, which can cause someone to hurt themself or even get killed. Getting help early on, before dependency takes ahold of your teen, is crucial.

Treatment does not simply solve the problem of addiction; it encompasses the whole body. Many treatment programs thoroughly assess their patients and check for mental conditions that may be causing addiction. This is called dual diagnosis and is actually quite common. Statistics from Mental Health America show that 37 percent of alcoholics and 53 percent of drug addicts have a serious mental illness. Many facilities will treat both conditions aggressively in order to reduce the risk of relapse. Treating just one or the other will not keep the drug addiction under control.

In addition, treatment will help your teen understand the dangers of drugs. Many teens think marijuana use is harmless, while research shows that it is known to cause lung damage, mental health problems, and poor concentration, motor skills and judgment. Treatment will provide your teen with education so they know the facts and why they need to quit.

Treatment will also help your teen identify triggers. Many people turn to drugs to deal with stressful situations. The teenage years are especially stressful, with many factors resulting in drug use. These can include moving, losing friends, starting a new school, parents’ divorce or the end of a relationship. Peer pressure is also very high among teens, and your teen may be using drugs to fit in or be cool. Whatever is causing your teen to use drugs, a quality rehab program will help your teen discover what is causing the drug use.

Your teen will also learn coping strategies and other tools to keep cravings at bay. Hobbies and sports can keep your teen occupied in Vermont. Volunteering in the community or working a part-time job can make your teen feel important.

According to the publication, Economic Benefits of Drug Treatment: A Critical Review of the Evidence for Policy Makers, drug treatment has many benefits and not just for the abuser. Reductions in drug and alcohol use affect society as a whole. They result in less crime and fewer health care costs overall.

Treatment Facilities for Vermont Teens

Vermont has more than 20 treatment centers throughout the state. There are several geared toward teens and many others that offer both substance abuse treatment and mental health services. Although most are outpatient facilities, there are some that offer either short-term or long-term inpatient treatment. Detoxification services are also available

No matter what treatment you think is best for your teen, we can help you find it. There are many recovery options within your community in Vermont, and other options available across the country. Call us today and see what we can offer you. We can answer your questions and assess your situation to find the best treatment options available. Don’t delay treatment any longer.

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