Utah Teen Addiction Treatment

Utah LandscapeWhen a teen in Utah faces the challenges of addiction, one of the concerns parents often have is what will happen when the teen returns to normal life in Utah after treatment ends. How will they cope with the seemingly endless influences of other teens, former habits and old ideas? Being a teen in today’s world is tough enough, without adding what they might see as social ostracism to the mix.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse compiled a list of 13 statements of fact, based upon their long-standing research, which they consider to be necessary for the effective treatment of alcohol and addiction. A solid understanding of several of these principles might help to place your mind at ease as you begin the journey toward recovery with your Utah teen.

Remaining in Treatment for an Adequate Period of Time Increases Effectiveness

When many of us think of rehab, we think of long-term residential care as seen on popular reality television shows or in the movies. This is not the only option for treatment, however. There are several levels of treatment available to Utah teens. The types of treatment available include:

  • Private therapists. Many individual therapists or therapy clinics offer one-on-one drug and rehab counseling services.
  • Outpatient clinics. Clinics offer readily available services such as drug testing and emergency consultations.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment. These services are generally designed for a specific period of time or they serve to fill the void while your teen waits for an inpatient facility to become available.
  • Residential treatment. Treatment includes around-the-clock supervision and care for your addicted teen.

Once the initial phase of a treatment plan has been completed, continuing care is an option through independent therapists as well as many outpatient programs and residential facilities. When your teen needs help, even after graduation, an effective program will provide it. This means that the treatment program ends when the recovering addict feels they are in a position to handle the challenges they will face every day in Utah, and not a moment sooner.

Treatment Needs to Be Flexible

Suppose your teen completes a program at an outpatient clinic that includes intensive outpatient treatment. This may have been the course of action decided upon in the beginning, but your teen isn’t responding as well as you’d hoped. The program administrators might then suggest an inpatient facility for a few weeks to increase the potential for recovery. When the time allotted for inpatient treatment ends, your teen may still receive ongoing treatment in the outpatient program. Graduation from a facility does not mean that treatment is complete. Weeks after release, you may discover that you teen’s routine follow-up care isn’t enough. Perhaps he or she needs to be placed in a more structured, intensive program. Flexibility needs to be an option.

Choosing the right facility for your Utah teen means looking at all of the options available. Here at Teen Rehab, we can provide a program that changes with the needs of your teenager, fluxing and shifting as your child grows and develops in their journey toward a drug-free, productive life. We can provide inpatient residential as well as outpatient services that address the needs of your teen, and our program includes addiction treatment, academic schooling, and holistic alternatives such as yoga and martial arts. We are equipped to provide services for co-occurring mental disorders as well as addiction, and each resident is treated with respect and unique attention. You don’t have to work your way through this difficult time alone. Please call us today and let us help.

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