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According to an April 2010 article from a local Austin newspaper called American-Statesman, Austin is used as a hub for drug cartels. Investigators found that many homes in the Austin area were being used as distribution centers for cocaine and amphetamines. Some drugs from the Austin distribution centers travel as far as New York and Chicago.

The amounts of drugs in Austin started to increase over the years, which is how investigators caught wind of a possible cartel in the area. While 2 pounds of cocaine used to be considered a huge drug bust, it is now not uncommon for investigators and authorities to seize 15 pounds or more of the drug at once.

Authorities are hoping to focus on cartels and curb drug distribution in the area. Drugs are commonly linked to many other crimes, such as theft, assault and violence.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Your teen may have tried drugs and felt many of the negative effects of drugs. But how do you know if your teen has become addicted to drugs? According to, here are some warning signs to look for.

  • Your teen’s body tolerates the drug. They can no longer get high from small doses. It takes more and more of the drug to achieve an effect.
  • Their drug use is out of control. They try to quit or cut back, but cannot. They have lost all power over their use.
  • They experience withdrawal if they stop using drugs. They continue to use drugs so they do not feel the uncomfortable effects of shakiness, anxiety, nausea, depression and insomnia.
  • They know drugs are hurting them, but they continue to use them. They may have suffered negative health effects or had some close calls regarding overdoses or risky behavior, but they continue to use drugs.
  • They have lost all interest in once-favorite hobbies. They lose contact with friends and stop doing sports and other activities they used to enjoy.
  • Their only focus in life is drug use. They may stop attending school to spend time doing drugs. They may spend almost all of their free time finding and using drugs.

Exploring Treatment Options for Austin Teens

Although it can be devastating to know that your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, don’t give up hope. Recovery options are out there for your teen. Teen rehabs offer comprehensive drug addiction treatment for teens from all over the US. Make the call today and get started on a path to recovery for your teen.

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