Tennessee Teen Addiction Treatment

A Knoxville, Tennessee news story reported in November 2011 that prescription drug abuse is prevalent in Tennessee. About 10 percent of teens throughout Tennessee have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons despite the warnings. Although most teens are starting drug use around age 14, some children as young as 8 years old are hooked. Roane County in Tennessee offers a program for teens, called Children’s Attitude Motivational program (CAMP), which is a last-resort boot camp for troubled teens. The boot camp is court-ordered and teaches self-discipline and teamwork.

Questions to Ask Before Entering Rehab

Before enrolling your teen in a rehab facility, you may have questions about whether rehab is right for them and what they can expect during their stay. Here are some common questions you may have:

Q) Does my teen really need to go to rehab?

A) Addiction is a very difficult problem for your teen to solve on their own. If they have been using drugs or alcohol for a long period of time and then suddenly quit using them, they run the risk of developing withdrawal symptoms. Many can be severe, such as tremors and seizures. Many can even be life threatening, such as coma or even death. Rehab teaches your teen about addiction and what triggers them to use drugs. Your teen will learn about the underlying issues causing them to have cravings for drugs. Rehab also offers individual and group counseling, which can be very beneficial. In addition, your teen will learn coping skills to prevent future drug use. If your teen cannot quit successfully on their own, they should seek rehab.

Q) How long will my teen need to stay in rehab?

A) This depends on the person. Your teen’s goal should be to stay as long as it takes to recover from their addiction. Many people stay for 30 to 90 days, depending on the severity of their addiction. Others may need to stay for six months to one year or more. It will depend on your teen’s attitude and motivation to reach their goals, as well as any mitigating factors, such as coexisting conditions or health issues.

Q) Should my teen go to rehab in Tennessee or out of state?

A) There are pros and cons of each. A rehab facility that is close by in Tennessee may offer the opportunity for more family support, and your teen may feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. However, a rehab that is out of state will allow your teen to start fresh in a new environment, without the familiarities of drugs and bad influences. It will depend on what type of environment your teen will best succeed in.

Locating Treatment Facilities for Tennessee Teens

Tennessee has more than 90 treatment facilities to choose from. There are many inpatient and outpatient programs to choose from in the area. There are also dual diagnosis centers if your teen has a co-occurring mental disorder. There are halfway houses and facilities for pregnant women who are suffering from addiction. Tennessee also has methadone treatment clinics and detoxification services. The options for recovery are plentiful.

Get your teen the help they need today. Drug addiction is a serious problem that can lead to not only medical problems, but legal and financial problems as well. Need help finding a facility for teens? Think your teen would benefit from a holistic approach or a facility that offers massage or acupuncture? Is your teen a creative type who would benefit from art or music therapy? We can help you find a facility that will offer an effective treatment approach for your teen. Give us a call today for a free assessment. We will help your teen find the way to a clean and sober future.

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