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31 Oct

5 Ways to Show Your Depressed Teen You Care

Depression can feel overwhelming and isolating, and those who suffer from it often feel like nobody understands what they're going through. It can be especially challenging for teenagers, but they'll have an easier time if their parents show empathy for their situation. If your teen...

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31 Oct

5 Documentaries About Bullying

Some people underestimate the seriousness of bullying and the long-term effects it can have on a teenager. In fact, one of the consequences can be adult depression. Watching a few documentaries on teen bullying is a great way to shed some light on the matter...

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31 Oct

Mental Health Workbooks: Pros and Cons

For some teens, using a mental health workbook to learn new skills and track their progress can help them improve their health and well-being. However, not everyone agrees that mental health workbooks are beneficial to every teen struggling with their mental wellness. We've rounded up...

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28 Oct

Primary Symptoms of Clinical Depression in Teenagers

Clinical depression is a serious mental illness that affects many teenagers. An estimated 10–15% of teens may be depressed at any given time, and one in four adolescents will experience an episode of major depression at some point during high school. It's important to be...

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28 Oct

5 Studies to Read About Teen Substance Abuse

There are many misconceptions about teen substance abuse, making it a difficult subject to understand. Many people believe that marijuana is a gateway drug or that only weak-willed individuals will become addicted, but those beliefs are untrue. It's important to get your facts from reliable,...

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27 Oct

How Safe Alternatives to Self-Injury Can Help

Teens who engage in acts of self-harm often find it difficult to quit outright. That’s why it’s so important for teens to find healthy outputs and alternatives to self-harm that can help them manage their negative impulses. Safe alternatives to self-injury can help teens stop...

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25 Oct

Why Outpatient Treatment May Not Be Enough for Your Teen

Although recovery is possible for all teens struggling with a mental health issue, not every teen recovers using the same method. Outpatient treatment can be helpful for some patients, while others require a more involved process to ensure they don't relapse. If you're concerned that...

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