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10 Jun

What to Look for in a Sober Living Home

Recovering from addiction is a journey. If your teen has attended an in-patient or out-patient program, this is only one phase of the recovery process: there are still more steps to take. As a result, one option that many people find helpful as they transition...

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10 May

How the American Health System Handles Teen Addiction

The American health system covers lots of ground and helps people with all kinds of health issues, from mental illness to physical ailments. It can be hard to understand how the health system helps specific groups of people, such as teens struggling with drug abuse...

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17 Feb

How to Explain Addiction to a Child

Addiction isn't always discussed in homes, even though 28 million Americans are the child of people struggling with addiction. With this number in mind, and especially if someone in a child's life is struggling with addiction, it's important to create awareness and understanding on this...

20 Nov

5 Over-the-Counter Drugs Teens Abuse

Over-the-counter drugs are helpful when we are sick but they can easily be misused. These types of medications are becoming increasingly popular amongst teens who are using them for recreational purposes. Here are are some of the most popular over-the-counter drugs teens are using....

13 Nov

Easy Ways to Cope When Quitting Smoking

There is no doubt that living with an addiction is a struggle and that quitting isn’t easy. This is certainly the case too when you’re smoking cigarettes. If you’ve decided it’s time to quit, here are a few ways to cope while going through this...

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