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23 Aug

Are Smartphone Addictions Becoming a Reality?

Is your cell phone nearby? Is it within your reach? It's not surprising that this may be case. You might use it to keep in touch with people, schedule, shop, bank and get news about the world around you. Smartphones are useful. But are they...

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21 Jul

5 Resources to Become a Better Listener

There are also plenty of resources that can help parents strengthen their relationships with their children by improving their listening skills. If you're looking to become a better listener, check out the following resources....

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13 Jun

Respecting Privacy: How Much Does Your Teen Need?

While privacy is essential to development, young adults can have a tendency to make some pretty unsafe decisions. Knowing when to step in can be hard, and every family is different. There should be a direct correlation between how much privacy your teen is given...

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17 Feb

Is Social Media Affecting My Teen’s Health?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat — there are so many notifications and feeds to keep up with, it's not uncommon for teens to spend a significant amount of time on social media. But does the constant updating, checking and communicating affect your teens health? Here...

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