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29 Oct

What’s the Difference Between Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety and depression are two very different mental illnesses, but they can coexist in the same individual. People often find it difficult to distinguish between the two, especially if both illnesses are present. There are distinguishing factors to both anxiety and depression that can help...

22 Aug

5 Things You Should Know About Paranoia

Paranoia is a personality disorder that is characterized by having long-standing distrust and suspicions of others. To better recognize this mental health condition in yourself or others, here are some things you should know.   [embed][/embed]   Feature image Kate S...

17 Aug

Ways to Cope With Paranoia

Living with paranoia can be tiring, frustrating and ultimately debilitating both personally and socially. If you are living with this personality disorder, there are ways to cope and manage those symptoms of anxiety, distrust and isolation, however....

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