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14 Oct

Depression on Screen: Movies that Get it Right and Wrong

For teens who are struggling with a mental health condition, films can be helpful. They can provide stories that youths can identify with, and help reduce stigma around mental illness. Conversely, false portrayals of mental health issues like depression can lead to stereotyping or unrealistic expectations...

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30 Sep

Why Suicide is Still a Taboo Subject

With efforts from activists, supporters and medical professionals, mental health is slowing being talked about more in the mainstream media. In spite of this, however, suicide itself still remains a taboo subject and is rarely discussed. In spite of this, the reality is that it is...

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16 Feb

Understanding Mental Health Jargon and Terms

Dealing with a mental health issue can be quite intimidating. There are often new doctors to become acquainted with, new medications to get used to and all sorts of new terms and jargon to become familiar with. Below we have defined several terms that are...

18 Nov

6 Myths About Depression

Depression is an extremely complicated mental illness that is often misunderstood. To help you have a better understanding of what depression does and does not consist of, here are six myths explained....

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