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13 Jul

The Danger of Steroid Abuse

When taken without supervision from a medical professional, steroids can have damaging effects on the mind and the body. Here are some of the dangers of abusing steroids. ...

13 Jun

The Dangers of IV Drug Use

Intravenous (IV) drugs are less popular among teens, but they are still used to get high, and in the case of injectable steroids, to gain muscle mass. Here are some of the facts and dangers of using IV drugs....

02 Jun

How Performance Enhancing Drugs Can Hurt Your Teen

Big muscles and lean bodies may be a hot trend, but taking performance-enhancing drugs (also known as steroids) to improve body image is not a safe or healthy way to slim down and tone up. Despite this knowledge, the percentage of teens who admit to using...

12 May

7 Things You Should Know About Steroids

You may be aware that steroids are synthetic drugs that mimic testosterone but do you know the effects of steroids on the body and the ways in which the drug can be abused? Here are 7 things you might know about steroid abuse....

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