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27 Sep

Chewing Tobacco & Your Teen: 6 Key Facts

There's a very good chance that your teen has seen a PSA about the risks of smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes. These are certainly beneficial and alert your teen to the realities of smoking and addiction. That said, chewing tobacco is also something that your teens...

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17 Mar

The True Effects of Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

Most people have heard about the negative effects that secondhand tobacco smoke can have on people who are around smokers. But did you know about the health effects that secondhand marijuana smoke can have on your or your loved ones?...

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22 Jan

The 7 Most Common Addictions by the Numbers

There are many different types of addictions, but some are more common in America than others. This is determined by many factors, such as availability, price as well as the effects different substances have on the user. Below are the seven most common addictions by...

13 Nov

Easy Ways to Cope When Quitting Smoking

There is no doubt that living with an addiction is a struggle and that quitting isn’t easy. This is certainly the case too when you’re smoking cigarettes. If you’ve decided it’s time to quit, here are a few ways to cope while going through this...

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27 May

Teens and Tobacco: Key Facts

[embed][/embed] Feature Image: Adrian Radic...

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