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27 Oct

How Safe Alternatives to Self-Injury Can Help

Teens who engage in acts of self-harm often find it difficult to quit outright. That’s why it’s so important for teens to find healthy outputs and alternatives to self-harm that can help them manage their negative impulses. Safe alternatives to self-injury can help teens stop...

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16 Feb

Understanding Mental Health Jargon and Terms

Dealing with a mental health issue can be quite intimidating. There are often new doctors to become acquainted with, new medications to get used to and all sorts of new terms and jargon to become familiar with. Below we have defined several terms that are...

27 Jul

How to Help a Teen Who is Cutting

Cutting (or self-injury) is a relief method that some people use in moments of high stress, pressure or anxiety. Individuals will “release” bad feelings by cutting into their own skin with tools or their fingernails. Here's how you can help a teen who is...

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