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01 Jul

Easing Teenage Social Awkwardness

The teenage years can be especially awkward. It’s not uncommon for teens to have low-self esteem, which can make them feel uncomfortable interacting with people and doing everyday things. Here are some tips to help your teen feel less awkward and more comfortable with him...

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11 Apr

5 Workbooks That Can Help Teens Cope

Every day of adolescence brings new adventures and new challenges. Unfortunately, some days are more difficult than others, leading to many challenges for teens. Self-help workbooks are an excellent way for youths to get a sense of their thoughts and feelings; they can also help...

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14 Jan

How Exercise Can Help Your Teen Through Recovery

The recovery process is challenging, but there are many things that can help your child to recover successfully: healthy relationships, reliable medical professionals, therapy, treatment facilities and, if your teen is strong enough, exercise. Exercise has many benefits in general, but, for a young person...

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