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26 Sep

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Ways to Model a Healthy Relationship

As your children walk through life, they'll encounter many role models. Whether it's at school, extracurriculars, work or home, your children are learning behaviors from what they study around them. Certainly, one of the most significant influences on teens are their family members – particularly...

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06 May

6 Ways to Help Your Teen Be a Leader

Some of us are born leaders. We enjoy taking charge while organizing and directing people. For others, this is a real challenge and we need more encouragement to take up a position of leadership. Whichever describes your teen, there are ways that you can encourage...

16 May

5 Positive Role Models for Teens

Whether it's friends, parents, teachers, mentors or faces in the media, your teen is picking up on both positive and negative traits from a variety of influences. Here are five positive celebrity role models that you can talk about with your teen....

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