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27 Oct

5 Tips to Make a Hectic Life Feel Easier

Between homework, classes, extracurricular activities, friends and work, there’s a lot of different dates and deadlines for teens to keep up with. When there’s a lot to do, it’s easy to get so overwhelmed that you feel incapable of doing anything. Instead of curling up...

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10 Oct

How to Help Your Teen Manage Money

While we don't keep our money in piggy banks anymore, the practice of saving money is more important than ever, now that we have more expenses to account for. Many teens have part-time jobs, so we need to teach our kids how to be smart...

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22 Jun

Why a Routine is So Important for Teens

Most parents know how important routine is for infants and toddlers, but it's just as important to establish regular habits with teens. It might be difficult for your teen to create a routine on their own, but there are many benefits and you can do...

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14 Jun

Is Your Child Entitled?

There are a few ways a child can develop an entitled attitude, so be sure to consider what rules you've established with your teen if you notice them acting out....

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14 Jun

8 Stressful Times When Your Teen Needs Support

For teens, there are many moments that can feel stressful or overwhelming, all while they're trying to learn more about themselves and fit in with others. In some cases, that stress might even become unhealthy. Here are some of those moments when you can be...

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13 Jun

Respecting Privacy: How Much Does Your Teen Need?

While privacy is essential to development, young adults can have a tendency to make some pretty unsafe decisions. Knowing when to step in can be hard, and every family is different. There should be a direct correlation between how much privacy your teen is given...

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