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28 Oct

Primary Symptoms of Clinical Depression in Teenagers

Clinical depression is a serious mental illness that affects many teenagers. An estimated 10–15% of teens may be depressed at any given time, and one in four adolescents will experience an episode of major depression at some point during high school. It's important to be...

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18 Oct

5 Clear Signs Your Teen is Stressed

Social situation, college applications, identity issues—many aspects of a teen's life can make them stressed. Although the occasional bit of stress is normal for everybody, regular or recurring stress can have a negative impact on an individual's well-being and relationships. We've identified five clear signs...

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05 Oct

What Should You Tell Your Teen About Your Past?

Teaching your teen all they need to know to stay healthy and safe can feel like a daunting task. You want the best for them, but sometimes there are situations where you didn't make the best decisions when you were younger. As you empower your...

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28 Sep

Tinder, Skout and Dating Apps: What Parents Need to Know

When you reach into your pocket and pull out your phone, the world is suddenly at your fingertips. Communication, banking, shopping and organization are just a few of the possibilities and conveniences that mobile apps provide. These days, a growing trend adds new relationships to this...

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27 Sep

The Best PSAs for Teens to Watch

Part of growing up includes a lot of learning beyond what is taught in schools, such as life lessons on relationships, independence and making wise decisions. PSAs, or Public Service Announcements, are great resources for teens to gain tips or advice on situations they might...

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26 Sep

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Ways to Model a Healthy Relationship

As your children walk through life, they'll encounter many role models. Whether it's at school, extracurriculars, work or home, your children are learning behaviors from what they study around them. Certainly, one of the most significant influences on teens are their family members – particularly...

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22 Sep

5 Tips for Helping Your Teen Discover Their Identity

Teens struggle with so many pressures as they navigate school, family and friends. At the same time, they're also discovering who they are as unique individuals. As a parent, you can support your teen while they develop their own sense of identity. Here are some...

21 Sep

How Divorce Impacts Teens and How to Help Them Cope

There's no question that divorce is difficult. Routines, expectations and relationships for the future can all change. Of course, children are also affected. As a parent, it's important to understand how divorce can affect your teen and how you can support them during such a...

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