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13 Oct

The Dangers of Mixing Prescriptions and Alcohol

You may have taught your teens the risks of drinking alcohol, and you may have also taught your teens about the risks associated with prescription drugs. But your teen may not understand the significant dangers associated with mixing prescription drugs with alcohol. One study suggests that...

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31 Aug

Is Big Pharma Driving Addiction?

There’s been a lot of buzz going around about big pharma and its role when it comes to addiction in the United States. But could a company that manufactures FDA-approved drugs really be contributing to America’s addiction problem? Painkiller Prescription is On the Rise Prescription drugs are...

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19 May

4 Myths About Prescription Drug Abuse

There are many myths about drug abuse that can make recognizing and dealing with addiction a challenge. Prescription drug abuse, in particular, has many misconceptions, which makes it all the more important to learn about these false assumptions so that you know when to seek...

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15 Feb

5 Common Party Drugs to Be Aware Of

There are many different types of drugs that teenagers can be exposed to when they go to a party. We’ve outlined a few common party drugs that you should be aware of so that you can talk to your teens about their dangers and be...

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11 Feb

The Rise of Prescription Pills in America

When you have surgery or get an infection, it's not uncommon to require some sort of prescription. Unfortunately, prescription drugs are also used recreationally and many can create a high or be extremely addictive. As a result, prescription drug abuse is a significant problem in...

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