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22 Aug

6 Common Triggers for Trauma Survivors

People who have gone through trauma are particularly susceptible to triggers that may cause them to experience memories or reactions from past painful experiences. A trigger is something that reminds someone of a traumatic experience; it “triggers” an association or memory. Almost anything can be...

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26 Jul

A Checklist for Parenting Teens

Raising a teen can be difficult, especially in today's society. Between health issues, social situations and everything in between, it can be hard to keep track of what should be on your radar. Here's a checklist of things you need to consider when it comes...

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14 Jul

Is Your Teen Hardwired for Risky Behavior?

Teens and young adults take more risks than any other age group, despite the number of education and preventative programs in place that teach adolescents about the consequences of dangerous actions such as drinking and driving. People used to think that teens engaged in risky...

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09 Jun

5 Pressures Your Teen Might be Facing

We all know that teenagers face a lot of different issues—social, academic, sexual—which can feel all too overwhelming. Below are some of the most common pressures that teens can encounter, along with suggestions on how you can help your teen handle each situation....

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11 Apr

5 Workbooks That Can Help Teens Cope

Every day of adolescence brings new adventures and new challenges. Unfortunately, some days are more difficult than others, leading to many challenges for teens. Self-help workbooks are an excellent way for youths to get a sense of their thoughts and feelings; they can also help...

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11 Mar

Is My Teen Stealing? How to Help Them

You’ve caught your teen stealing—whether they’ve swiped $20 from your wallet, stolen some nail polish from a store or nabbed some beer from a neighbor’s garage, your reaction is most likely one of shock, followed by a flurry of internal questions. ...

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25 Feb

6 Ways to Help Your Teen Resist Temptation

Peer pressure can be rough on your teen. There will be many times when they may be tempted to slip up, especially if they're in recovery. Parties, booze and drugs are calling. Prepare your teen with an answer that will keep them on track. Here...

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