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08 Aug

Teen Rehab’s Ultimate Guide to Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental illness that has many different signs, types and risk factors. Here at Teen Rehab, we’ve created an ultimate guide to help you understand the basics of anxiety and how it can be treated. The Different Types of Anxiety All anxiety disorders are not...

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19 Apr

4 Types of Anxiety Disorders Explained

Some people have extreme cases of anxiety that last longer than several months and interfere with their daily lives. These are all symptoms of an anxiety disorder. There are several different types of anxiety disorders and they each involve different key symptoms and worries....

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14 Dec

How to Identify A Panic Attack

Your heart is racing. You feel faint or dizzy and you can’t catch your breath. You suddenly feel very out of control. There are all signs of a panic attack, which occurs as the result of an anxiety or panic disorder....

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04 Dec

4 Types of Anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety and we may experience one, a few or none during our lifetime. It can also manifest in different ways, such as panic attacks, hoarding, substance abuse, migraines or nausea. If you believe you have anxiety, compare your experiences...

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