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12 Sep

8 Ways to Focus on Sober Living

After rehab, what comes next? Staying substance free after a history of abuse can be incredibly challenging. Your teen might lose focus and relapse into old habits. Here are eight ways you can help your teen stay clean and sober. Stay in a Sober Living Home Image...

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24 Jun

6 Articles to Read About Childhood Trauma

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize when a child has experienced trauma, so it can help to read different perspectives on the matter. Here is a roundup of six informative articles to help you better understand childhood trauma and how to help your child...

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02 Jun

Is Your Teen Violent? 6 Signs to Look For

It’s normal for teens to get frustrated and angry at times as they navigate the difficult teenage years and learn how to control their emotions. However, you may be worried that your teen is taking their anger and frustration too far by becoming violent. Here...

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30 May

What are ACEs? We Explain Adverse Childhood Experiences

Everyone experiences struggles throughout childhood as they learn to navigate the world around them. However, for those who grew up with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), these extreme challenges can create an ongoing negative influence that can result in adult physical and mental health problems. Below...

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25 May

What is Somatic Therapy and How Can it Help?

Sometimes distressing events—such as abuse, loss of loved ones or near death experiences—happen in life that can cause lasting psychological effects. Although there are many forms of therapy available, somatic therapy helps people suffering from psychological trauma live a normal life by focusing on the...

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12 Feb

The Long-Term Effects of Toxic Stress and How to Cope

Stress is an inevitable part of everyone’s life, no matter your race, gender, age or class. Most people learn how to cope with stress and adversity as they grow up, especially if they're supported by their parents as a child. However, others grow up experiencing...

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