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A Report on Philadelphia’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment System for Adolescents from 2002 explored the topic of substance abuse treatment in Philadelphia and found many items of interest. For example, many adolescents are unsure of where to turn for treatment. Schools and doctors do not refer adolescents in Philadelphia for treatment as often as they should. Data regarding treatment admissions and services is not tracked. Probably the most shocking of all is the lack of treatment facilities for teens in the area. There is only one small inpatient program and no programs at all for girls.

However, this report was done over a decade ago and things have changed since then. Philadelphia is working to increase the number of treatment options – especially residential programs for girls, outpatient programs and support groups – for teens battling drug and alcohol abuse.

Helping Your Teen Live a Life Without Drugs

Parental involvement is a major factor regarding drug use among teens. Teen are more likely to use drugs if their parents are absent or spend little time with them. The more parental involvement there is, the less likely a teen will use drugs. According to, here are some things parents can encourage their teens to do to live a drug-free lifestyle:

  • Engage in a favorite hobby or try something new for a challenge.
  • Become involved in the community by volunteering at a church or neighborhood program.
  • Set goals. They can be related to anything – school, college, health or career – as long as they give your teen a purpose in life.
  • Stay healthy.  Sleep, exercise and good eating habits will help your teen feel his or her best and keep away stress and other negative feelings that can lead to drug use.
  • Adopt a pet.  It will give your teen a sense of responsibility as well as something to keep his or her mind occupied to prevent boredom, which can often lead to drug use.

Treatment for Philadelphia Teens

There are many options available to help your teen recover from drug use but it’s important to find a program that can offer your teen the comprehensive care needed for the best chance at a lasting sobriety. Call us here at Teen Rehab to learn more about our offerings. We have caring representatives here to answer your questions and offer resources to guide you through the process of helping your teen. We understand dealing with drug addiction can be challenging. Your call is important to us and will be kept confidential.

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