North Dakota Teen Rehab

North DakotaIf your North Dakota teen is experiencing the terrible effects of drug or alcohol addiction, he or she may require inpatient treatment from a qualified rehab. When this happens, parents can have very specific questions for which there are few specific answers. As frustrating as this is, it is important to remember a few basic facts about addiction.

Every Addiction Disease Is Unique, and So Is Your Teen

The National Institute on Drug Abuse compiled and released the results of many years of research into what drug addiction is and how it best treated. The Thirteen Principles of Effective Treatment is often used as a standard for evidence-based therapeutic practices. The first of these principles is the understanding that no one, cookie-cutter treatment is going to work for every individual. Later in the list is the principle that treatment should remain fluid and change as the needs of the individual teen change. Finally, another principle addresses the need for co-existing mental issues to be addressed at the same time as the addiction.

You do have some control over the availability of certain services, however. When looking for rehab for your North Dakota teen, keep these questions in mind to help you find the right place for your child:

  • Does the rehab program offer family counseling so you can be involved in your teen’s recovery process?
  • Does the teen rehab have an academic curriculum that will keep your child on track for high school graduation?
  • Does the teen rehab offer complementary and alternative therapies that have been shown effective alongside the evidence-based therapies recommended by scientific researchers?
  • Is the rehab center segregated by gender to better meet the needs of gender-specific issues?
  • Is the rehab program specifically for teens, or is the facility one that treats adults and children as though they are the same?

What to Expect for the Future of Your Recovering Teen Addict

While it is not possible to answer directly the length of time that your child may spend in a facility for the treatment of their drug or alcohol addiction, there are a few standards concerning the length of treatment. For instance, studies reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse have shown that treatment programs lasting for fewer than 90 days are less effective than programs that extend beyond that point.

This does not mean that your child will need to live in a residential facility for the entire 90 days, although that decision is based upon individual circumstances, progress and the needs of each recovering teen addict. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can involve several phases, including inpatient, intensive outpatient and aftercare programs that extend beyond the 90-day mark. If your teen seeks inpatient treatment initially, you may wish to conduct their aftercare or outpatient follow-up care in your home state of North Dakota, and that’s a possibility.

Calling for Help Is the First, Most Important Step to Helping Your Teen Succeed

You want the best for your child in North Dakota. He or she deserves the individualized attention that has been proven to work in an atmosphere that will lend itself to healing. At Teen Rehab, we can lead you through the maze of questions and give you the answers you need. Call us today and let our trained and professional staff help.

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