New Jersey Teen Rehab

Prescription drug abuse is prevalent among teenagers in New Jersey. It is a growing epidemic throughout the nation even though it was not as widespread several years ago. However, a recent survey shows that more than 70 percent of parents are acknowledging the issue and taking steps to ensure that prescription drugs in the household are used only as intended.

The most commonly abused prescription drugs are oxycodone, anti-anxiety medications and stimulants. Although New Jersey has a prescription drug monitoring program that cuts down on the number of drug addicts abusing the system to get pills they don’t need, the program cannot prevent teens from stealing prescription drugs from their parents or friends’ houses.

The shocking results of a survey show that 60 percent of parents had not taken inventory of their prescription cabinets in the past two months. In addition, only 17 percent of parents have used a disposal site to remove old pills from the home. Therefore, the risk of teens stealing expired prescription drugs from their home is very high.

Preparing Your Teen for Rehab

Once you have convinced your teen that rehab is necessary for them to be free of their drug or alcohol addiction, the next step is to find the right treatment facility – either in Pennsylvania or elsewhere across the country. There are many types of recovery options to choose from. You may be able to find recommendations from an addiction counselor, community outreach program or even your teen’s doctor.

When choosing a facility, ask the following questions:

  • What is the program based on?
  • How will the facility meet my teen’s individual needs?
  • Is dual diagnosis offered?
  • Is the facility licensed and accredited?
  • Is detox offered?
  • Are family members allowed to visit?
  • How long can my teen expect to stay?

The answers you receive will determine whether or not you feel the treatment facility will best serve your teen’s needs and help them beat their addiction.

Once you choose a treatment facility, the next step will be to enroll in the facility. After your teen completes the enrollment, you will be given a checklist that includes all the items your teen should pack for their stay. There will be many restrictions as to what your teen can bring. Electronic devices, including cell phones and laptops, will generally not be allowed. They will need to bring clothing (one week’s worth), comfortable shoes and toiletries, such as a hairbrush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo. Mouthwash may not be allowed because of its alcohol content. Depending on the activities offered at the facility, they may need to bring workout clothes, hiking boots or swimsuits as well.

Finding Options for New Jersey Teens

New Jersey has nearly 200 treatment facilities located throughout the state. Many of these are family centers that offer services to teens and their families. There are also many addiction counselors available to help your teen in the New Jersey area. Getting your teen the help they need is as easy as calling us. We have many resources to help your teen find a treatment option that best fits their needs. The treatment options are varied and wide-ranging to accommodate many types of teens. If your teen has a drug or alcohol problem, do not hesitate to call us. Although drug or alcohol addiction can have serious consequences, there is hope. Get your teen the help they need today so they can live a better life tomorrow in New Jersey.

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