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Montana WildernessThe world of a teen in Montana is often full of transition. On one hand, our kids are kids – learning how to handle the everyday stress their lives present while desperately trying to maintain their own comfort zone. On the other, they want to be grownups and may feel entitled to certain freedoms they may or may not be ready to take on. They move between the world of children and the world of adults as they discover who they are and where they fit into the grand society around them. Sometimes, this transition is marked with bad decisions or trauma over which your child feels they have no control. When these decisions and trauma lead to drug abuse, addiction can follow. As parents, we can offer comfort and help our teens make their way through the maze of complications that arise out of addiction.

Teen Rehab Help for Girls and Boys From Montana

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has conducted research for quite some time on the issue of gender differences relating to the abuse of substances. Their research has found that these differences are not simply based upon life experiences or relationships. There is more to it than the obvious social aspects of boys and girls. For instance:

  • Females may have a heightened sensitivity to the reward aspect of drug use and abuse.
  • Females can react differently to drugs based upon their monthly menstrual cycle.
  • Females may react differently to the stimuli and other properties of drug abuse.
  • Females may experience increased psychological factors that can affect addiction, such as trauma, depression, abuse and relationship violence from an intimate partner.
  • Males are more likely to relapse after treatment than women, based upon findings through the University of California and published via NIDA.

It may seem like a given to treat boys in one setting and girls in another because the societal standards many parents have about coed living arrangements, but the addiction treatment process goes even deeper. Because of the inherent differences between boys and girls in adolescence, treating teens in a gender-specific setting is less about following a societal standard and more about getting to work on the actual problems our children face in terms of addiction, mental disorders and recovery.

Gender-Specific Treatment for Teens From Montana

Drug addiction does not define your child, and helping them to get a grip on the issues they face as an adolescent who happens to suffer from addiction is one of the greatest gifts that you, as a parent, can provide.

Your teen can have access to spirituality group meetings, yoga, martial arts or art therapy, equine-assisted therapy as well as education on the subjects of alcohol and other drugs, nutrition and relapse prevention. These issues are presented in a format that provides for teen rehab help that your teenager can understand and internalize as they learn and grow.

If you and your family are going through a difficult time as you look for ways to help your Montana teen get the rehab treatment he or she needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have trained professionals ready to help you make the best decisions for your teen and your entire family.

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