Missouri Teen Addiction Help

According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Missouri teens are following the national trend and turning to prescription drugs to get high. Although illicit drug use has declined by 23 percent nationwide, it is being replaced with prescription drug use. Prescription drug use among Missouri teens was at 8 percent in 2007, exceeding the national average of 7 percent. Vicodin and OxyContin are especially popular.

Prescription drugs are very easy for Missouri teens to obtain. They not only take them from medicine cabinets of friends and family members, but they use technology as a means as well. Internet chat rooms and social networking sites are forums used to facilitate the purchase of prescription drugs.

Intervening When Your Teen Has a Drug Problem

It can be heartbreaking to learn that your teen has a drug problem. However, you will need to remain calm and have a discussion with your teen about their drug use. It’s best to do his when everyone is sober and open to discussion. Be supportive of your teen and discuss your concerns but be firm as well. Here are some other things you should do to keep your teen away from drugs:

  • Lay down firm rules as well as consequences. Be prepared to enforce the rules and take action if your teen continues to use drugs.
  • Talk with your teen about what is triggering them to use drugs. What issue is your child dealing with? Are there problems at school? Peer pressure? Has your teen experienced a big change, such as a move, divorce or new school?
  • Be more aware of your teen’s activities. You should know where they are at all times. Know their favorite hangouts and meet their friends.
  • Continually search for drugs. Your teen may look for creative ways to hide drugs so you won’t find them. Backpacks, bedrooms and books are common places to hide drugs. Although you may feel like a snoop, this is one of the consequences your teen has to deal with for being caught with drugs.
  • Find other interests for your teen. Clubs and sports activities are good ways for your teen to stay busy and prevent boredom that often leads to drug use.

There are many things you can do to be a part of your teen’s life and discourage them from continued drug use. However, there are some things you should not do when you discover drug use in your teen. They include the following:

  • Hide or take away your teen’s drugs
  • Argue with your teen when they are high
  • Make your teen feel guilty
  • Threaten or bribe your teen
  • Take over their obligations
  • Enable them or make excuses for their drug use

Tough love is hard, but sometimes it is the only way to get your teen to see the damage drug use is causing to themselves and others.

Researching Recovery Clinics for Missouri Teens

Missouri has more than 100 recovery clinics located throughout the state. Although most are in St. Louis, Springfield and Kansas City, you can be sure to find a program for teen substance abuse, no matter where you live. Missouri offers many programs specially designed for adolescents. You can also find many outpatient centers, 12-step programs and other community based programs. Sometimes it’s wise to seek treatment elsewhere in the US so your teen can be removed from distractions while they focus on their recovery.

If you are having trouble finding the right type of treatment for your teen’s drug addiction, give us a call. We will assess your teen’s situation and offer various treatment options for you to consider. Don’t give up hope for your teen. Recovery is possible and the earlier you call us, the better.

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