Maryland Rehab Options for Teens

The Maryland State Department of Education released statistics regarding drug and alcohol use among Maryland public school students in 2002 to 2003. Regarding consumption of beer and wine, more than 4 percent of 6th graders had consumed them in the past month. That rate increased to 14 percent for 8th graders, 31 percent for 10th graders and nearly 39 percent for 12th graders. Marijuana usage in the past month was at less than 1 percent for 6th graders, just under 7 percent for 8th graders, nearly 17 percent for 10th graders and 21 percent for 12th graders. Meth use was fairly low for all grades, with usage less than 2 percent. Heroin use in the past month was under 1.4 percent for all grades in Maryland.

Although the usage rates were low for meth and heroin use, alcohol and marijuana are still being heavily used in Maryland. Excessive alcohol use can cause serious medical conditions and can even be fatal. If you notice your teen exhibiting any signs of substance abuse, prompt treatment will be beneficial.

Determining the Type of Treatment to Choose

There are numerous types of substance abuse treatment available to your teen. Which one should they choose? The right choice will depend on various factors. What drug is your teen abusing? How long have they been using drugs? Is your teen dependent on drugs for survival? The answers to these questions will determine if your teen needs detox. Detox rids the body of all traces of drugs, so your teen starts rehab with a clean body.

How much can you afford? Addiction counseling sessions are often cheaper than inpatient treatment programs and are most likely to be covered by medical insurance. However, they may not be as effective as an intensive inpatient treatment facility. If you can afford an inpatient program for your teen, it may be well worth the cost.

How much time can your teen afford to be away from school and other activities? Can they start treatment during the summer? It may be difficult to have your teen take several months off during the school year. If summer vacation cannot wait, perhaps try some outpatient options first. Arrange for counseling sessions with an addiction therapist. Perhaps there are some local programs geared toward teen substance abuse that your teen can enroll in. There are various inpatient treatment programs that offer schooling as part of their curriculum. Some programs will even work directly with your teen’s school to ensure they don’t fall behind while getting addiction treatment.

When deciding on a facility, you should ask about its success rate. Some forms of treatment work better than others. In addition, some facilities offer low patient-to-counselor ratios so that patients spend more one-on-one time with a counselor.

Researching Recovery Clinics for Maryland Teens

There are more than 100 recovery clinics to choose from in the state of Maryland. The help your teen needs to overcome their addiction is out there if they are willing to admit to their addiction. We can help you and your teen search for treatment facilities based on their individual needs.

We understand that each teen is different. There is no facility or treatment option that can fit everyone’s needs. That is why we have information about a variety of resources you can choose from. Call us so we can help you get to that next step. It can be confusing trying to sort through all the information out there. That’s why we’ll do the research for you. Don’t delay treatment for your teen any longer. The sooner you act, the quicker the recovery.

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