Kentucky Teen Addiction Help

According to a report, Teen Prescription Drug Abuse: An Emerging Threat, published by the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, Kentucky has some of the highest rates of prescription drug use in the United States. The situation is especially problematic in areas of eastern Kentucky. More than 8 percent of Kentucky residents had used prescription drugs for non-medical use in the previous year. In Kentucky, prescription drugs such as methadone and hydrocodone were responsible for more deaths the previous year than heroin and cocaine combined.

Kentucky saw a 55-percent increase in treatment admissions from 1997 to 2002, rising from 1,123 to 1,739 admissions. Marijuana was the drug of choice for those under age 18 who entered treatment, while alcohol and marijuana were tied at 42 percent for those ages 18 to 20.

Entering Rehab

On your teen’s first day of drug or alcohol rehab in an inpatient facility, they will likely be thoroughly examined and assessed by a counselor or medical professional before the actual treatment process starts. They will assess drug use by asking your teen many questions, such as when drug use started, types of drugs used, frequency of use and method of administration. If your teen has tried other treatment programs before but relapsed, the staff will need to know about this. Although these questions may seem personal to your teen, honest answers are necessary in order for the counselors to come up with an effective plan of treatment.

Your teen will likely also go through many medical tests to determine any physical damage that drug use has caused. Test may include pregnancy tests, blood tests, organ tests, gland tests and tests to check for any sexually transmitted diseases. They may take a full medical history and look for any mental conditions that may be contributing to the addiction. Many facilities offer dual diagnosis services, so if your teen does have an underlying mental disorder, the treatment plan will include treating both the mental condition and the addiction.

After your teen has completed the necessary testing, a staff member will go over the financial details and ask for payment, if you have not already paid ahead of time. Be sure to have your insurance information ready. Once this step has been taken care of, your teen will meet with a coordinator and get oriented with the facility. They will receive a tour and get settled into their room. Depending on the facility, they may have their own room or have to share with other patients. Your teen should also receive a packet orienting them with the facility and stating the rules they must follow during their stay.

Finding Rehab Facilities for Kentucky Teens

Kentucky has more than 300 rehab facilities throughout the state. Many deal with mental health and behavioral issues as well. Some offer intervention services, while others focus on detoxification and counseling services only. Some are faith-based, with treatment options for those who are Christian, Baptist, Catholic or of other religions. Many offer outpatient services only, while others offer residential treatment for various lengths.

As you can see, the treatment options in Kentucky are ample. You also have many options to choose from throughout the US so you should have no trouble finding the right type of recovery for your teen. If you have questions or need help choosing rehab facility, give us a call. Knowing that your teen is abusing drugs is a stressful situation that no parent wants to go through. We understand that this is an emotional time for you and your teen, so we will work with you to find a program that fits your teen’s needs. We offer a confidential call that is free of judgment. Give us a call today and ask how we can help you and your teen.

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