Illinois Teen Addiction Help

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration published a report that reveals statistics, combined from 2003 to 2006, regarding drug and alcohol use among adolescents in Illinois. Nearly 104,000 adolescents in Illinois had used a drug in the previous month. Of those, most (70,000) had used marijuana and 49,000 had used other drugs. Approximately 65,000 adolescents had used prescription drugs in the previous year. More than 17 percent of adolescents (189,000) had used alcohol within the past 30 days and 115,000 adolescents had binged on alcohol. More than 11 percent of adolescents in Illinois were considered dependent on or abusing alcohol.

A 2006 survey by the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services showed that Illinois had 43,724 patients undergoing drug or alcohol treatment. Of those, nearly 11 percent were under the age of 18. Teenage boys were more likely to be treated for drug abuse, while teenage girls were more likely to be treated for alcoholism.

Questions to Ask the Treatment Facility

You and your teen may have some questions about drug or alcohol rehab. Here are some common questions and their answers:

Q)   Can my teen leave at any time?

A)    For the most part, yes. Although a parent may be required to sign their teen out of rehab, your teen generally can leave at any time, unless perhaps the treatment was court-ordered. If you are focused on leaving, treatment will not work as well for you.

Q)    What is detoxification like?

A)    Detoxification cleanses your body and removes all traces of the drug from your body. It often takes three to seven days and can include withdrawal symptoms that can be mild or severe, depending on the drug. It is important to have an experienced medical professional oversee the detoxification and withdrawal process in order to prevent severe symptoms, such as seizures and coma, from occurring.

Q)   What is the best treatment for my teen?

A)    This is a question only you and your teen can answer. There is not one treatment that is perfect for everyone. That is why there are a variety of treatment options that you and your teen can choose from. Research the various options and look for one that best fits your teen’s needs.

Q)   Can I leave the facility earlier if I feel sober enough?

A)    It is recommended that you follow the treatment plan created by the counselors and medical staff. Recovery is not something that happens overnight, so trying to rush the process will just leave you more likely to relapse. Even though you may feel well enough to leave the facility, it is much harder to cope with the dangers of drugs and addiction once you leave the facility. Drugs will be more readily available to you than they are in treatment, and you will need to develop coping strategies and tools to stay sober. It is best to stay at the facility until your counselor feels you have made significant progress.

Researching Treatment Facilities for Illinois Teens

Illinois has close to 300 treatment facilities located throughout the state. Choose from 12-step alcoholic treatment programs, faith-based services, and inpatient and outpatient programs. There are many dual diagnosis facilities and holistic treatments to choose from. There are also programs especially for teens which is ideal for teens seeking rehab help.

Find the help your teen needs today by giving us a call. Our representatives have helped many teens just like yours. We can assess your situation and ensure that your teen finds a recovery option that fits their needs. Don’t allow your teen to live with addiction for another day.  See how we can help your teen get on the path to recovery and a brighter future.

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