Eating disorders

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23 May

6 Myths About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are often misunderstood by parents and teens alike. Many people hold untrue beliefs about eating disorders—who they affect, their dangers and how they are treated. Below are six myths about eating disorders and the truth behind those misconceptions....

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03 Mar

Why You Shouldn’t Encourage Your Teen to Diet

Among the many pressures teenagers face on a daily basis is the overwhelming pressure to appear thin and attractive. Social media presents teenagers with a never-ending stream of dieting and fitness tips urging them toward the ‘ideal’ body. Dieting, however, is a dangerous trap that...

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19 Jan

How to Help Heal a Binge Eating Disorder

A binge eating disorder describes a condition where people feel little control over how much they eat and when. In fact, they often feel like that can't stop eating—even if they wanted to. Luckily, recovery and healing are possible and require you to develop a...

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