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28 Oct

5 Studies to Read About Teen Substance Abuse

There are many misconceptions about teen substance abuse, making it a difficult subject to understand. Many people believe that marijuana is a gateway drug or that only weak-willed individuals will become addicted, but those beliefs are untrue. It's important to get your facts from reliable,...

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13 Oct

The Dangers of Mixing Prescriptions and Alcohol

You may have taught your teens the risks of drinking alcohol, and you may have also taught your teens about the risks associated with prescription drugs. But your teen may not understand the significant dangers associated with mixing prescription drugs with alcohol. One study suggests that...

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04 Aug

Breaking Down Blood Alcohol Content

While most of us know that you can't drive once you’re over a certain blood alcohol level, many don’t know how different levels of blood alcohol content affect your body and mental state. We’ve put together a guide to answer any questions you may have...

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28 Jul

Alcohol Overdone: The Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

Although many teenagers think that no real harm can come from drinking, alcohol poisoning is an extremely dangerous and sometimes deadly consequence from drinking too much alcohol. Below are 6 common symptoms of alcohol poisoning to watch for if you’re worried your friend or teen...

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05 Jul

What You Need to Know About Al-Anon

Al-Anon aims to help family members and friends of those struggling with alcoholism. Here are some facts about what Al-Anon does, who they help and why so many people find the organization helpful....

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20 May

5 Myths About Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is a significant issue—about 1.5 million adolescents aged 12–17 have been binge alcohol users. What makes recovery difficult are the many myths that surround alcohol abuse. By understanding what's true and what's not, you can help your teen identify if they have this...

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30 Nov

How to Identify Alcohol Poisoning

Binge drinking is very popular amongst teens and college students. While it may seem like the fun and cool thing to do, it is also incredibly dangerous. Binge drinking can lead to alcohol overdose or poisoning, which puts a person’s health and life at risk....

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