Can Yoga Help Your Kid Become an A+ Student?

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29 Jun Can Yoga Help Your Kid Become an A+ Student?

Yoga is a disciplined practise for the body and mind. The meditation, balance and strength that come with this exercise will help your teen stay healthy and have more energy. And while it might not be enough to earn them automatic straight-A’s, yoga can play an important role in your teenager’s scholastic success, too.

Yoga A+ Student

By Melissa Roach

  • Energy and Confidence

    By Melissa Roach

    Your teen’s physical fitness plays a part in how they perform at school. Beyond giving them more energy, yoga can help your teen stay strong and feel good in their own skin. This will help your child to have more confidence in themselves, allowing them to take risks, raise their hand and not to be afraid of giving school their best shot.

  • Stress Management

    By Melissa Roach

    Research shows that stress is a major barrier to a teen’s success in school. Social and academic [anxieties]( can make it hard to focus on the work at hand. Yoga can help your teen cope with these pressures by giving them the tools to relax. Once they learn to regulate their emotions, they can put themselves in the right state of mind to do homework or focus in class.

  • Mindfulness

    By Melissa Roach

    Yoga will teach your teen to [focus on what’s important]( It will put them in touch with their inner selves and help them let go of the little things. This will give them perspective and allow them to visualize what's really important to them. Knowing themselves and setting personalized goals will give them motivation and help them realize how school is a path to achieving those objectives.

  • Time Management

    By Melissa Roach

    Teens have many different responsibilities. They have due dates, club meetings and chores to do. Fitting yoga into a busy schedule takes dedication. Learning how to manage their responsibilities while taking time for their health is a lesson that will help them succeed in school and in life.

  • Following Directions

    By Melissa Roach

    Poses in yoga can be hard. Each physical technique takes practise and a willingness to follow instructions. Taking time to understand the different movements and forms will give your teen an advantage both in and out of the classroom.

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