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San Jose is a city in California, located in the Bay Area in Santa Clara County. A report from Santa Clara County in January 2012 revealed that Ecstasy use was continuing to increase among teens. In response, the county created an initiative to educate everyone in the community, particularly teens and parents, about the dangers of the use of Ecstasy, also known as MDMA. Many teens feel that the drug is harmless and merely helps them to relax. However, frequent use is dangerous to the body and in extreme cases can be fatal.

Since 2009, five people in Santa Clara County have died from Ecstasy use. Two died from abnormal electrolyte levels in their bodies, two died in Ecstasy-related car accidents and one died from a massive overdose. Ecstasy was found in the bodies of others who had died in San Jose, although Ecstasy was not considered the cause of death.

Effects of Drug Addiction on Your Teen’s Brain

Scientists now know that addiction is a brain disorder. Repeated use of a drug causes reward centers and pathways in the brain to alter. This is true of any drug, no matter what physical effects it produces. The changes in the brain can affect judgment, thinking, motor skills and control over your behavior. Once your teen becomes addicted, they will no longer feel normal without using drugs.

According to, drug use builds up excessive amounts of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine trigger pleasurable feelings, so your brain remembers these good feelings and wants them repeated. Many people become dependent on a drug, meaning that it becomes a top priority for survival.

Drug addiction increases a person’s cravings for the drug. Addicts will become irrational and do whatever takes to get more drugs. They may break the law and jeopardize their career, schoolwork, families and health. They may live in denial over their drug use.

Exploring Treatment Options for San Jose Teens

We know that as a caring and loving parent, you want the best for your teen. But what type of treatment is the best for your teen’s drug or alcohol addiction? Only you can decide based on your teen’s needs. We can assess your teen’s drug use and make recommendations for treatment. We can help you find comprehensive drug abuse and addiction treatment programs here at Teen Rehab that cater specifically to teens. Call us today to get started on a path toward wellness and sobriety.

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