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According to Fact Sheet: Drug Use and Misuse in Los Angeles County, drug overdose is the fourth most common cause of premature death in Los Angeles County. In 2009 to 2010, Los Angeles County reported 923 deaths due to drug use. The most common drugs involved included opiates, cocaine, stimulants, antidepressants and alcohol.

More than 60,000 residents of Los Angeles County were admitted to substance abuse treatment in 2009 to 2010. More than 27 percent of the treatment admissions were for marijuana use and nearly 26 percent of treatment admissions were for alcohol use.

Fact Sheet: Drug Use and Misuse in Los Angeles County also discusses drug use among high school students in Los Angeles. More than 37 percent of students had used marijuana in their lifetime, with more than 19 percent currently using the drug.  Nearly 10 percent had used cocaine at least one, with 3.6 percent currently using the drug. Just under 17 percent of students had used inhalants. Eleven percent of Los Angeles high school students had used Ecstasy. Nearly 4 percent had used heroin and a little more than 7 percent had used methamphetamines.

Helping Your Teen Through Recovery

If your teen is battling drug addiction in Los Angeles, quitting will probably not be easy. Drugs affect a person’s brain and your teen may not have the willpower to quit on his or her own. That is why treatment is critical. Treatment will educate your teen about the effects of drug use, help him or her understand why they use drugs, and give your teen coping skills so they have other outlets to deal with stress.

Recovery will mean that your teen will need to make changes to his or her life. These changes are necessary in order to stay sober. According to Helpguide.org, these changes include:

  • Finding new ways to handle stress
  • Finding new hobbies
  • Staying away from hangouts where drug use is common
  • Getting rid of old friends and finding new friends who are drug-free
  • Changing how they feel about themselves

Addiction Treatment for Los Angeles Teens

Whether you are looking for treatment specific to alcohol abuse, rehab for particular drugs, residential treatment or support groups, we offer a variety of treatment and support systems catered directly for teens here at Teen Rehab. Make the first move and call us today. We can help you narrow down your options. Recovery is possible for your teen.

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