Arizona Teen Rehab

Arizona DesertThe process of recovering from addiction can be a lifelong endeavor for your Arizona teen. As stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there is currently no cure for addiction. It is a disease that is, unfortunately, marked by relapse. When a relapse occurs, it doesn’t mean that treatment has failed. It only means that the treatment plan should be revisited and adjusted to suit the needs of the individual participant. If you choose an effective teen rehab provider, your Arizona teen will learn the coping skills necessary to avoid relapse whenever possible and make sound decisions for his or her future. They will also learn the skills necessary to get help when they do experience a relapse.

A Day in the Life of a Teen in Rehab

An effective treatment program for teens should address the needs of the growing brain. Teens do not think or make decisions the same way that adults do, as evidenced by research conducted on the cognitive function of young people and published by the National Institute of Mental Health. Because of this, no matter what type of curriculum is offered, it should be designed for young people.

Your child may begin his morning with a healthy breakfast, and a set schedule for daily hygiene and personal care. After this, he might spend several hours in a classroom setting that has, ideally, a much lower teacher-to-student ratio than a regular school. Drug addiction can often derail a student’s learning and cognitive function, therefore he or she may have some catching up to do. Personalized attention to academia can help in this regard.

After school, the student may engage in individual therapy or group therapy sessions. Later, he may have access to complementary therapies, such as

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Martial arts classes

In the evening, he might attend relapse recovery classes, 12-step meetings or complete chores, and have an opportunity to call home.

Every treatment center is different, but the most effective facilities will address all of the needs of your child, from addiction issues to co-occurring disorders to education on how to remain sober once they return home.

How Do I Know if My Arizona Teen Needs Teen Rehab Services?

Nobody knows your teen as well as you, although lately you may feel as though you don’t know him at all. This is actually one of the first clues that something may be amiss in their life. According to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, severe behavioral changes in your child can indicate drug abuse or addiction. These changes might include demanding excessive privacy, new friends to whom they will not introduce you, spending too much money or consistently needed more money than is reasonable, sleeping far more often or far less often than normal, and developing problems in school.

Of course, the best way to determine if your child is suffering from addiction is to obtain the professional option and diagnosis of those who are trained to identify such issues. A visit to your family physician in Arizona is a great place to start; a toxicology screening can determine if your child has been using or abusing drugs or alcohol. Once you have made this determination, you will need to determine the level of treatment that will work most effectively for your Arizona teen.

At Teen Rehab, we take the health and welfare of teenage patients very seriously. We have the dedication, the experience and the facilities available to meet your needs and the needs of your child. Please contact us for more information about your teen’s special and unique needs. With a solid foundation and your loving support, your teen will be much better equipped to take on the challenges he or she will face throughout their lifetime in Arizona. Please, contact us and let us help you and your family today.

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